Mischievous Manor of Gimaelior the Mad

A Dwarf By Any Name

As the adventurers slowly began to awake from their dreams of the past, little did they know that outside, another type of Dwarf approached the manor. Xelmort was a Half-orc that was raised by dwarves. Dwarven culture was all he knew, and although he considered it his own, he whad developed a sort of complex brought on by being picked on at school for not being a ‘true’ dwarf. He was teased and bullied, both for his larger stature and his appearance. This eventually led to his adopting a fake beard, which he wore as a sort of security blanket on his face, to appear more dwarven, and also to reflect what he felt to be his true inner-nature.


Xelmort had been travelling and seeking work when he also was led to the offices of Alruse Finperis, who spoke to him of the manor. Now, as Xelmort approached the grounds he was lost in thought, and it wasn’t until he cleared the row of hedges that he realized he ought to have been paying more attention. All of a sudden he saw a small swarm of devils a few hundred yards to his right… and they spotted him as well! He went running for the front door and as he pounded on the door and shouted for someone to let him in, he was transported inside the large abode, but not before seeing a vision of himself on a Dwarven throne, with all of his previous bullies bowing before him as he whipped them with towels and hurled insults, roaring with laughter and a flowing beard. Just then he became aware of the fact that the he was now inside the building, and as he looked around it, he wondered what to do, and decided to venture down the open hallway to his left. Apparently however, the devils had seen him gain entry and were now aware of the method and were shortly to follow, as each one glimpsed himself as the lord of the nine hells before entering Gimaelior’s home.

Hearing the devilish commotion in the entry way, the newly awakened dwarves hid behind the door to the washroom and awaited the fiery foes. As Xelmort stood his ground to fight, several devils swarmed around him, and just as one passed the door to the WC, Kildrak flung the dooor open and smashed him in the face! As the rest of the party poured out into the hall, a tightly woven combat ensued, and before long the heroes had made short work of the small batallion. They then turned to Xelmort, who explained Alruse had sent him and also that he was fairly certain that if there were more devils on the grounds, it was only that group that had seen him gain entry to the manor. As the party sheather their weapons, they began to take in their surroundings and decided to venture down the hallway and check the last room on the left, as well as explore into the living room through and archway on the far right of the hall (after they chuckled to themselves about Xelmort’s fake beard). The archway seemed to lead into a living room and dining area, and into another further arched room off of that. Xelmort quickly headed towards the area and Targrim followed to keep an eye on him; as they ventured past the living room into what appeared to be a sculpture room.

Sculpture room

After examining the sculptures, they returned to the living room, but as soon as they walked away they heard the sounding of cracking stone behind them… Meanwhile Milo, Oben-Grade, and Kildrak opened the door to the last room down the hall, which they also knew, from the map, led to the trap door that would take them to the stables. As they entered the room however, the door slammed shut behind them, and they saw some kind of circular puzzle system on the inside of the door. They appeared to be in some kind of storage room with shelves that looked to be full of games and boxes of different sorts. Just then they thought they saw one of the game boxes move. No sooner did they enter the room than they saw one of the boxes move…



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