Mischievous Manor of Gimaelior the Mad

Devils & Doors

As the party of Dwarves reached the end of yet another clearing, they spotted what seemed to be a path leading into the next grove of tress. Sal-Mur identified this as the path that lead to the Manor of Gimaelior the Mad and also said that this was where he would leave them and return to Alruse, who was expecting him by the following day. The party said their goodbyes to the Dragonborn sorceror Sal-Mur, and the stout troops ventured down the path for about a quarter league before they began to see the path’s end open into another clearing, this one with manicured hedges around it’s perimeter. As the dwarves approached the clearing the path winded and suddenly a giant mansion came into their view. This must be the manor, they thought to themselves, as they stared at the large estate surrounded by an empty, though manicured clearing. Passing the last row of hedges they came into the clearing and wondered what to do next. Looking around they noticed a small building that looked like a stables to their left, and a pristine fountain a few hundred feet to their right. A few of the dwarves also noticed scorch marks on the ground which highly contrasted the clean, trimmed grass into which they were burned. “Devils”, exclaimed Ulric, recognizing the burn marks. The party decided to examine first the stables, wandering over to the building about a hundred feet from the main house. Inside they found no animals, but rather more burn marks in the deserted beastial barracks. In the back stable there was what appeared to be a trap that had been set off, as blood covered blades protruded from the back wall. Whose blood the dwarves did not know. Under the blades was a trap door of some kind, barred with an iron grate and handle. Though they tried their hardest, the group could not muster the strength needed to open the hatch, and lacking a rogue, they decided to move on. Kildrak checked his map, and noted that this was the exit of a secret passage which led from the manor to their very location. He shared this information with the party, and wondering if they grasped what he was saying, led them back into the clearing. Only, this time, upon entering the clearing, they spied across the yard, pouring out from the hedges nearest the fountain…. devils! The devils saw the adventurers as well and began to charge them, and within an instant, combat ensued. Most of the devils looked like any other soldiers, wearing the infernal black and red armor, their lustful snarls yearning for blood. A few however, were carrying scourges, and had masks that hid their tormented features. They were led by a another devil carrying a scourge who barked orders and seemed to be more capable. Despite the ferocity of the devils, they were outmatched by the Dwarven tenacity, and the party was pleasantly surprised to see Ulric the Turgid turn the devils as if they were undead. The devils cowered in fear of the light of the hammer of Moradin, and then were sent to their fiery demise, leaving only scorched earth where they once were.
After the battle, the dwarves were surprised by a small figure who hailed them from behind the path. Drawing their weapons, they readied for another skirmish, only to be even more surprised when the figure approached them seemed to resemble a gnome. “I mean no harm”, spoke the gnome and the dwarves lowered their defenses, sensing the fear in his voice. “Are you Gimaelior?” asked Kildrak. “No”, the gnome replied, “I’m Milo Mendermist, Gimaelior is my 2nd cousin”. Milo Mender-Mist then went on to explain how his family, the Mendermists of Amn had sent him to investigate the rumors of Gimaelior’s death. None of the Mendermists had heard from the old gnome in over 20 years, and knowing his eccentricity, wanted to see for themselves if he had indeed passed on. “But when I got here”, explained Milo, “The grounds were swarming with devils, and I had no choice but to hide away amongst the grounds”. "There were a few others who seemed like brigands that were here several days ago. “They promised me assistance when they returned, but I have not seen them since.” Kildrak wondered if these were the thieves that Alruse had not heard back from. The dwarves conferred for a moment, and then asked Milo to join them and promised they would help protect him from the devils, in exchange for his help in navigating the manor, thinking it might be helpful to have a relative of Gimaelior with them. Milo agreed but reluctantly explained how he had never been to the manor before and had actually only met Gimaelior once when he was a very young gnome. All he remembered was a long beard and a funny smile. “But I will do my best to assist you in whatever way I can”. “What is it exactly you are looking for anyway?” inquired Milo. The dwarves stammered a little, before answering that it was simple curiousity and a mapping expedition, not wanting to admit they were here to loot Gimaelior’s treasures. Milo did not say anything, but suspected that the dwarves where here for treasure, as they were not known for their curiousity. After inducting the gnome into the party, the dwarves looked around the grounds for a possible back way in, though the manor did not seem to have any other entrances or even any windows to speak of. Reluctantly they approached the front door, though testing the handle, found it locked. Despite their best efforts, they could not get the door open. Checking the map, Kildrak saw some words smeared across the map that said ‘Only kn k will open the door’. After asking Ulric said he possessed the ritual knock and they began the preparations. Although after it’s completion, the door still did not open. “Strange”, said Ulric, “It’s never failed before”. After another failed attempt, the group decided to investigate the fountain. It was very pristine, like the grounds, and stood in contrast to the old, delapidated looking manor. After investigating the waters, Oben-Grade and Kildrak decided to drink from the fountain, and both experienced unusual effects. Oben-Grade vanished, and Kildrak shrunk to the size of a rat! The rest of the party was shocked, and decided not to drink from the fountain. Milo said that this seemed like Gimaelior’s style all right, and chuckled to himself.



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