Mischievous Manor of Gimaelior the Mad

Use the front door

As the party of Dwarves and their new Gnome companion sat around the fountain of Gimaelior the Mad and pondered what to do next, they were once again beset by… devils! Out of the hedges strode the horned soldiers, clad in brimstone armor and heading right for the adventurers. “Not again”, said Milo, and they party once again drew their weapons and before long made short work of the devilish minions. After dispatching the fiends, the group decided to try the front door once again. This time Tusk shifted into his Boar form, and with an invisible avenger, a 3" tall Kildrak upon his back, charged the door with all his ferocity and smashed into the oaken plank, only to bounce back and fall to the ground. “Damnit!” cried the Druid, as the party pondered how to gain entrance to the mad manor. “Wait a second”, said Kildrak, “I have an idea”. Slowly the Dwarf lowered his pick and walked up to the front door og the manor and with a slight pause, knocked. And vanished. Unknown to the rest of the party, when Kildrak knocked on the front door he experienced a vision of himself seated next to his sensei of the great Dragonborn dojo of Tymanther, legions of students training under their superior martial prowess. After having this brief moment of ecstasy, Kildrak appeared inside manor’s front entry room, which was covered in a beautiful hardwood, and empty besides a coat rock and a small chest beside the door. Within moments the rest of the party caught on and each knocked on the front door as well, experiencing their own brief visions of of their heart’s inner desires. When all of the party was inside (Oben-Grade took a while to find, as he he responded with a facial expression when called, not remembering he was invisible), they regrouped, and realized that the gnome was no longer with them. “That’s strange”, said Tusk, “I saw him knock on the door”. The party decided it best to not dwell on it and began to look around. The chest by the door was the first thing they noticed, and opening it saw that it contained several pair of shoes. Upon examining it, they realized it was a chest of shoe shining, and the dwarves took turns placing their boots in it one by one. The only other thing of note in the room was an empty coat rack, and a door with a bronze handle to the right, as well as a hallway off to left. The dwarves decided to venture down the hallway and before long found themselves in a wash room with a magic basin that filled with water when one placed their hands inside. “This manor is very interesting” remarked Targrim, as the group moved on. In the bathroom was another door, which Kildrak quietly snuck under (being only a couple inches tall), only to realize it was a small guest room with a bed and a night stand, as well as another door off the room. He immediately noticed that someone was sleeping in the bed. Kildrak decided to scale the bedsheet and before long was lurking quietly up to the face of the sleeping creature. Once he was close he realized it was Milo, and began to shout in his face to wake up. Milo awoke with a start to see the miniature dwarf yelling at him, and asked what happened. As the rest of the party entered the room, they explained to Milo how they had all knocked on the door, but only he was transported into this bed and some sort of sleep spell had affected him, as the rest of the party ended up in the entry room. The group pondered if this was perhaps due to his relation to Gimaelior, but decided to move on and explore through the door off of this room. After checking the door for traps, they entered a room that was very Southern looking, with pillows and tapestries covering the room, and Ulric and Milo recognized portraits on the wall of Calimshan. A strange odor filled the room and a faint haze of smoke that seemed to be coming from a hookah on a table in the center of the room. One by one the party seemed inextricable drawn to the chalice, and began to move to seats surrounding it. As they unwillingly picked up the piece and took each took a puff, they passed into a deep haze of a slumber in which they all shared a collective dream.



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