Mischievous Manor of Gimaelior the Mad

What Plot the Past may Hold

As the dreary companions drifted into a hazy slumber, they all saw a similar vision, a vision of the past. As the bore witness to this dream, they were all simultaneously both looking on as viewers and as the subjects of the dream as well, themselves acting the parts out that unfolded before them, and the dream was thus…

The light of vision grew bright and into their mind’s eye came a foyeur, a waiting room of sorts, in a palace both grand and illuminated. The palace was in the kingdom of Amn, and they knew it to be the palace of the House of Lightongue, a noble, ancient Deva house that served one of the Five families that sat on the council that ruled Amn, a wealthy merchant kingdom on the south west coast of the realms. In this waiting room sat a wiry gnome, his fingers twittering anxiously as he awaited his audience, not for fear or worry, but simply because Gimaelior hated waiting. Suddenly the doors opened to another room, and a young Deva walked out and announced, “Sepheros will see you now”, looking past the gnome with angelic, distant eyes. Gimaelior arose at once and entered the grand office of sorts, in which stood his old companion, Sepheros Lightongue. “Gimaelior”, spoke Sepheros calmy, “it is good to see you once again my friend, it has been too long”. “Yes, yes indeed, Sepheros”, replied the gnome, a small grin hidden behind his beard, “Although I take it this your summoning me was of a nature other than reaquainting ourselves”. Sepheros smiled, a rare occurence, for his duties were many, and his demeanor stoic and graceful. “Perceptive as always Gimaelior”, replied the bard, “Unfortunately, it is of necessity that I asked you hear, as you well know, the house of Lightongue has little time for leisure, especially in these turbulent times in which we live, why I can’t recall the last time I raised my voice in song simply for the pleasure of it.”
“A shame indeed”, voiced the gnome wizard, “for I can not recall a fairer tune than that was sung from the lips of Lightongue”. Gimaelior made a grand gesture as he spoke, much to the Sepheros’ amusement. “So, why did you ask me here exactly?”



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