• Kildrak Bitterbits

    Kildrak Bitterbits

    Always wearing a spelunker's hat, and with his pick in hand, Kildrak is constantly ready to explore Faerun. Hailing from Tymanther, he is a fan of the Dragonborn civilization growing there, some may notice that he prefers their company to dwarves.
  • Alruse Finperis

    Alruse Finperis

    The last surviving male heir of a wealthy merchant family from Hill's Pass
  • Dargrim Frost-Axe

    Dargrim Frost-Axe

    Uncle of Tusk and Cold Warden of Ice-Wall Keep
  • Gavin Mender-Mist

    Gavin Mender-Mist

    (R.I.P.) Cousin of Gimaelior and father of Milo Mender-Mist, Gavin was a reknowned explorer of his age.
  • Milo Mender-Mist

    Milo Mender-Mist

    A young gnome with a quick penchant for disappearing
  • Seirunus King-Maker

    Seirunus King-Maker

    Dragonborn sensei of the greatest dojo in all of Tymanther
  • Sepheros Light-Tongue

    Sepheros Light-Tongue

    The famous bard and ruler of the house of Light-Tongue
  • Titus Black-Blade

    Titus Black-Blade

    (M.I.A.) Oldest son of the house of Black-Blade when it was slaughtered by devils.