The old gnome wizard Gimaelior the Mad is known to most in the town of Hill’s Pass only through rumor. His Manor, which lies a few days from town is rumored to hold strange curiosities and powerful magics. It is said that in days long past, lights would eminate from the forest and sounds both joyful and agonizing could be heard on the wind, echoing from the locale of the strange estate. Until recent days, none dared venture into the woods alone for fear of things that go bump in the night, and tall tales were all that remained known of the old manor. Recently though, rumors began to circulate that the old gnome, who had been holed up on his property for at least the last four decades has died, and since then small groups of brave souls have begun to approach the forest surrounding his home. None have dared venture onto the grounds however, until recently, when a small group of brigands who were hired by a wealthy local merchant supposedly entered the grounds on a job to find a certain artifact that legend says the mad old gnome wizard was in possession of. The party, however, has yet to return and the merchant has not had any contact with them for weeks. The merchant has now hired another group, which he contacted through the thieves guild to procure the item in question. Will this group be more successful than the last? Will they survive the Mad house of wonders? Only time will tell. Wizard gnome c2 suzanne gyseman

Mischievous Manor of Gimaelior the Mad

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